Filling Your Technology Toolbox

Great resources for your "technology" toolbox!

Check out this great online resources for lots of great lessons, activities, and more for English, math, social studies, science, and foreign language. This is a free subscription. Take advantage!
SAS Curriculum Pathways

Follow these steps to create your own SAS Curriculum Pathways account for use in your classroom.
SAS_training.pdf (for high school users)
Hand out coming (for middle school accounts)

Not to be confused with the above resource, the Standards Aligned Systems on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Hub is growing daily. Find complete lessons with big ideas, essential questions, key vocabulary, content, formative and summative assessments, and more all within the framework of Pennsylvania's state standards, benchmarks, and anchors.
SAS Standards Aligned Systems

Another free resource for online lesson plans is Thinkfinity. No account required. Completely free. Continually growing.

Are you looking for ways to bring collaboration among your students to a higher level? Check out Google Apps. Students can work together create project documents and presentations.
MASD Google Apps

Other technology needs? Just ask. It never hurts. :-)