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Use this page to access resources, links, and ideas for eInstruction's Insight 360 Mobi and clicker system classroom integration. Use the discussion tab (above right) to post questions, comments, and ideas about using Insight 360 in your classroom.

Insight 360 Formative Instruction System Website~Overview, Capabilities, Educators' Experience, Cue Tag and more
Getting Started in Five Minutes (video)~Shows a very basic application of Mobi and clickers with additional video links
Two-Minute Video Showing Insight 360 in Use in the Classroom
360integration.JPGUnderstanding the Integrated System:
BEFORE CLASS - Plan: Use Insight 360 at your computer to plan and prepare lessons. You can set up classes and student rosters, favorites, create tests using existing answer keys, create tests using ExamView, and tag existing lesson materials with questions for use with the clickers.
DURING CLASS - Teach: Use Mobi as you walk around your room and interact with students. Project images, annotate across screens, ask questions, and assess comprehension. Students use the Pulse clickers to answer questions and provide instant feedback which allows teacher to assess comprehension and re-teach immediately or move on to the next topic.
AFTER CLASS - Review and Report: Use Insight 360 at your computer to grade tests, analyze data from the clickers, track student progress, and generate reports.

Group 1 Training Workshop (Thursday, February 21, 2013):
8:00-11:15 - Bollinger, Brouse, Kirk
12:15-3:30 - K. Bower, M. Schreck, Schultz

Group 2 Training Workshop (Thursday, March 14, 2013):
8:00-11:15 - Leeser, McAndrew, Snyder
12:15-3:30 - Kurtz, Hinson, Reichner

Group 3 Training Workshop (Date TBA):
Behnert, J. Bower, Diehl, Hanlon, King, Kyle

Workshop Learning Activities (Quick List):
  • Learn the hardware (Mobi, pen, clickers, USB connectors, charging unit)
  • Learn the software to:
    • Setup classes and add students
    • Create favorites - links to files or websites
    • Teach and assess (annotate, show notes, ask verbal questions, capture and view screenshots)
    • Add Cue Tags to existing content (PowerPoint, ActivInspire, Word, etc.) for formative assessment while teaching
    • Create answer keys for existing assessments (student self-paced)
    • Review and analyze student performance

Download the full workshop learning plan here:

Workshop Training Slides:

Here's the full help manual:

And here's the quick help version:

Mobi 360 Display Screen Information: