2012-2013 eSchoolBook Update:

To streamline and simplify our eSchoobook use again this year, the Point System for Class Grade Weighting has been applied to all middle and high school classes. The School Grading Scale has also been added.

The only teachers who will need to make adjustments to these default settings are:
  • those who wish to use different categories for assignment grade weighting
  • those who have pass/fail classes
  • those who have teacher assistants (which uses the pass/fail school grading scale)

Refer to the discussion tab and search pass/fail to review how to change this in the appropriate classes.
And refer to the tutorial for setting Class Grade Weighting if you wish to change from the Point System.

Continue to use the discussion tab to search previous posts and to ask questions and share helpful hints and discoveries. Start a new discussion topic or reply to an existing one. Use a subject line that reflects the topic of your post to make the discussion threads organized and easy to navigate.

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