enoboard.JPGPolyvision Eno Board
Please use this wiki page to learn more about implementing the Polyvision Eno Interactive Whiteboard in your classroom.Post questions, comments, and ideas in the Discussion tab.

How to calibrate the Eno board:

Click on the Polyvision Driver icon in your system tray icons (bottom right)
Choose Configure the Polyvision Driver
Click on Projection at the left
Disable the Fixed Projector setting

Once you disable the Fixed Projector setting, then touch the bulls-eye twice with your pen (on the magnetic strip). Green screen should appear on your board with 9 bulls-eye points. Touch each one with your pen as close to the center as possible.

After you finished calibrating, re-enable the Fixed Projector setting . . . otherwise, you will get prompted to calibrate every day when using your board.