mobiclip.JPGMobi, Interwrite Workspace, and CPS
Please use the Discussion tab at the top of this page to post questions, ideas, and comments. This will serve as a centralized "online" space to communicate and share as we all continue to integrate Mobis & CPS in our classrooms.

Click for: Training Videos from eInstruction
from this page, click on Software Training Videos for Windows, then on Workspace 8. There are 21 nicely organized, easy-to-follow video tutorials!

"Get Your Mobi Runnin'" Interwrite Workspace Demonstration Files:

How to Work with a Pre-Created Document Using Your Mobi.pdf
Workshop Workspace File.gwb
Kindergarten Counting.gwb
Interactive Story Starter.gwb

Snipping Tool "How Tos":

From the Microsoft Website
A Snipping Tool YouTube Video (2:36)

Mobi Workshop Agenda:

  • Welcome! Sign in
  • Get your Mobi
  • Learn the parts
  • Sync your Mobi
  • Open Interwrite Workspace
  • Customize with Preferences
  • The Toolbar
  • Practice the tools
  • Master the Pen
  • Open Lesson Files
  • Using your Mobi - Planned Lesson vs. On the Fly
  • Consider the Mobi's Uses
  • Learn, Practice, Create, and Share
  • Elementary Collaboration Moodle
  • Ask Questions, Stay Connected, Keep Learning
  • Helpful Resources . . . the ieCommunity! eI Community
  • Plan for Implementation and Continued Training
  • Caring for your Mobi
  • Workshop Evaluation

CPS Workshop Agenda:

  • Welcome! Sign in
  • Participate in CPS clicker demonstration
  • Consider student-led and teacher-led options in your classroom
  • Learn the parts of the clicker system
  • Open your CPS software
  • Create your CPS database
  • Learn the three tabs: Prepare, Engage, Report
  • Learn the CPS software tools
  • Prepare your CPS class for 2011-2012
  • Prepare a student-led assessment (Fast Grade Lesson)
  • Prepare a teacher-led assessment (Lesson)
  • Consider an "on-the-fly" assessment (Chalkboard and Verbal Modes)
  • View the report options
  • Mobi and CPS working together
  • Practice and Share
  • Discuss classroom integration
  • Workshop Evaluation

Here are several Interwrite Workspace files you can download and use.
They will open in your Interwrite software, then you can save your own copy.

10 ways to use interwrite workspace.gwb
Adding -ing.gwb
Blend Sounds into New Words.gwb
Combine Sounds .gwb
Compare Sounds in Words.gwb
Gobstopper Math.gwb
Medial Sounds .gwb
Phonemes .gwb
Pop, Top, Cop.gwb
Practice Beginning Sounds.gwb
Rhyming Sentences Words.gwb
Segment Syllables.gwb
Segment Words.gwb
Word Hunt .gwb

Mobi Resources and Training

Use this guide for general information about your Mobi: Mobi_getstarted.pdf
This is a guide of all the basics for using your Mobi: AlltheBasics_HowTos.pdf
Series of 14 online tutorials for learning the Workspace software: Workspace Tutorials
Series of 6 Modules with video tutorials to learn how to use Exam View with Mobi and the Clickers: Exam View Modules/Tutorials
Series of 7 Modules with video tutorials to learn how to use the CPS Clickers: CPS Clickers
eInstruction Training Videos channel on YouTube: YouTube eInstruction training channel
Clicker Activities: Clicker Activities
Teaching with Clickers: Teaching with Clickers
eInstruction Community - free online resource center (share, discuss, learn, tips, advice): eI Community